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  • Jan 2022
    It is a very good car for the price.
    —Francisco C - 2016 Nissan Note
  • Jan 2022
    Very happy it’s a nice car.
    —Wendy W - 2016 Nissan NOTE
  • Jan 2022
    Drives and rides beautifully. Very comfortable on a long trip and also great around town. Easy access for those with mobility problems, Good spacious interior. Perhaps the only things it doesn't have, that I would have liked, would be no lip on the boot and a fold flat rear seat system as in the Ractis or Jazz.
    —Bruce K - 2016 Nissan NOTE
  • Jan 2022
    Car is very economical, enough power for trips considering only a 1.2 litre. Though saying that the latest 2 litre Corolla was the same economy on a trip to Invercargill. Car is nice and quiet engine wise, but a few rattles at times. It has much more leg room and boot space than the Corolla hatchback. Back seat leg room is amazing
    —Jason W - 2016 Nissan Note X
  • Nov 2021
    Comfortable & easy to drive. Excellent safety features & fuel economy. Roomy back seat space for a small car.
    —Maree N - 2016 Nissan Note
  • Nov 2021
    I don't like the auto turn off feature but you can disable it. Other than that I love my new car.
    —Joanne N - 2016 Nissan Note X
  • Oct 2021
    The Nissan Note stood out for its high safety rating and its low fuel consumption. The vehicle is very smooth to drive. It's very roomy inside yet compact on the outside and easy to park. Wasn't sure how it would perform on NZ uphill passing lanes but it really whizzed up the hill with minimal effort. This car has really exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend.
    —Janine C - 2016 Nissan Note
  • Oct 2021
    I adore my new car.
    —PATRICIA J - 2016 Nissan Note
  • Oct 2021
    fantastic little car. very zippy. lots of functions.
    —Michelle W - 2016 Nissan Note MEDALIST
  • Aug 2021
    I can not fault it I have been looking for a car for two years and up until now had not found one suitable I had my previous car for fourteen years
    —Anne W - 2016 Nissan NOTE X
  • Aug 2021
    Great small vehicle. Enough power very economical good storage.
    —Gregory H - 2016 Nissan NOTE X
  • Aug 2021
    Great little car that suits my needs perfectly. Looks good and runs like a dream. All around cameras are very handy.
    —Nicola M - 2016 Nissan NOTE X
  • Jul 2021
    No bad comments at all. Everything I was looking for in a car, came in the Nissan Note, is ticked all my boxes, looks classy. I'm very happy with my purchase ☺️
    —Lorna H - 2016 Nissan Note X-DIG-S
  • Jun 2021
    lovely car
    —Andrew D - 2016 Nissan Note
  • Apr 2021
    I find this small hatchback excellent for an older person around town
    —Catherine R - 2016 Nissan Note X
  • Mar 2021
    We've driven a 2007 model for years, researched carefully comparable vehicles, looked at features in current and projected models, and decided to stay with Nissan Note till we move up later to an electric model.
    —Joan B - 2016 Nissan Note 1.2lt X Hatchback
  • Mar 2021
    I like the car. It’s silent and comfortable. It is also very spacious and economical.
    —MARIA T - 2016 Nissan NOTE X V-Selection
  • Jul 2020
    Excellent car. Very easy to drive
    —DIANE B - 2016 Nissan Note X 5-Door Hatchback
  • Oct 2019
    Great car
    —Bruce S - 2016 Nissan Note E-POWER X
  • Apr 2018
    Driving a hybrid is very different to a 'normal' car. However Nissan has made this hybrid a really good option for a 'normal' car experience while achieving the amazing economy of a hybrid. Wonderful car.
    —Lee R - 2016 Nissan Note E-Power HYBRID
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