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  • Dec 2019
    We are finding it really economical, & love how smooth it is to ride! we are still finding features we hadn't seen when took it for a test drive! we are very happy with it!
    —Linda R - 2007 Honda Odyssey VTIL 7ST 2.4 5DR 5A
  • Nov 2019
    I'm happy with my Purchase. My whole family love this vehicle especially long distance travelling comfortable etc
    —Nicola R - 2007 Honda ODYSSEY
  • Oct 2019
    A great family vehicle. We’ve had one before and it was very reliable.
    —Kathleen J - 2007 Honda ODYSSEY ABSOLUTE
  • Sep 2019
    Nothing I can fault at the moment,but I trust I purchased a good reliable vehicle
    —Jean-claude K - 2007 Honda Odyssey
  • Aug 2019
    Love everything about it!
    —Adam K - 2007 Honda Odyssey Absolute
  • Jun 2019
    Comfortable and roomy
    —joanne T - 2007 Honda Odyssey
  • Mar 2019
    Goes good does job was intended for.
    —Deno B - 2007 Honda ODYSSEY
  • Feb 2019
    It is a lovely vehicle. It just costs a lot to get keys cut because of the special chip.
    —Petra S - 2007 Honda Odyssey M
  • Feb 2019
    I love it the colour, space, drives smoothly etc . Amaaaazing !
    —Tautiare W - 2007 Honda odyssey
  • Jan 2019
    Awesome car.
    —Rodrigo F - 2007 Honda Odyssey /CAMERA/ALLOYS/TINTED/AS NEW/
  • Nov 2018
    Can't change to English /nz maps without replacement of head unit. Tidy car otherwise, feels modern, good visibility. Has enough grunt to get over hills and accelerate at intersections. Reasonable on fuel, also need custom car seat covers, rather than the standard, increasing costs a bit. Radio doesn't pick up much of anything, even with other Asian cars on same frequencies, though Christchurch did have some coverage. All just standard issues with make
    —TYLER B - 2007 Honda Odyssey Absolute 2.4L 7Seater 1YearWarrantyFree
  • Oct 2018
    We were looking 1st for comfort for the kids in the back. This was the best car we found without going to a people mover. Good safety features to.
    —Lawrence S - 2007 Honda Odyssey L 7 Seater
  • Oct 2018
    spacious for a large family
    —Michael B - 2007 Honda Odyssey ABSOLUTE @ BUDGET RANGE @
  • Oct 2018
    I like the car got really nothing bad to say about it, everything was perfect for me.
    —Michael B - 2007 Honda Odyssey ABSOLUTE @ BUDGET RANGE @
  • Mar 2018
    Awesome vehicle, great fuel echonomy plenty of power and HEAPS of room!! Best looking 7 seater around too.
    —Ethan R - 2007 Honda ODYSSEY
  • Mar 2018
    A great family car with lots of seating and/or boot space. Very smooth and comfortable to drive in.
    —Christal A - 2007 Honda ODYSSEY Absolute
  • Feb 2018
    Spacious, Luxurios. Higly recommended
    —Nino D - 2007 Honda Odyssey 2.4 litre
  • Oct 2017
    Great car.
    —Daniel L - 2007 Honda ODYSSEY Absolute
  • Jul 2017
    Great car for families with lots of luggage. It fit 4 people and 8 suitcases.
    —Nicole H - 2007 Honda ODYSSEY VTIL 7ST 2.4 5DR 4A
  • May 2017
    A minor note would be that the clock is permanently set to Japanese time and cannot be changed. Which some may find an inconvenience. Permanent Japanese GPS is also annoying. But this is only for Japanese imports, of course. Overall, it's a great car for growing families and we're happy with how spacious and comfortable it is, without being too large to park easily
    —Toni P - 2007 Honda Odyssey Absolute Facelift Lowered Suspension Frm $38 p/w
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